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2023 Spring Startup Signup

Spring and it's, most welcomed warmer weather is upon us, well sort of, so its that time to start scheduling Spring Startups for your irrigation system. Man this has been a really wet one!

Our spring startup service ensures that your irrigation system is in tip-top operating condition before the spring season. We will recharge your backflow preventer and if someone is home (or the clock is outside) we will run all of the zones and check each one for proper operating condition, as well as check the controller's programming. We suggest that any components that are not operating correctly be replaced as soon as possible, we can even replace while we are on site and save you a service call. Broken components can cause lost water which means a high water bill. Now is also the time to look at any upgrades you might like to do, like that new WIFI controller or new rain sensor, water is not getting any cheaper!

If someone is not able to be home, we are usually able to operate the system from outside using the control valves, however we cannot check the controller's programming. We may opt to run them from the control valves or contact you to make sure you are home. In some instances we simply cannot find the valves in the yard. If you do not want your irrigation checked but just started, then the minimum base charge listed below plus tax will apply.

To help you get serviced faster, if you have flexible scheduling (IE don't need an exact appointment) and/or are home are certain times during the day, please note that in the comments (please if you check the flexible option, please leave some directions as to such so you can be serviced faster).

If you work nearby and need a 30 minute notice, note that as well. Please note we only work Monday thru Friday and not on the weekends. If you check the box for someone needs to be home, but do not make any comments as to when you are home, you will experience longer wait times, since others may have more flexible scheduling (which allows for customers to be grouped together by location) will be serviced ahead of you.

Customers who are not flexible in scheduling or do not leave any comments indicating that will experience delays in getting serviced. Also, we do not work on weekends and our last appointment/job is usually around 3:30pm. We start work at 9 am, please keep this in mind if requesting an appointment or telling us when you are available.

Our pricing (new for 2023 and less tax) for this season is outlined below (all rates are based on the size of the system):

We charge based on how large the system is, as we have many customers who have small lawns so it isn't fair to charge them the same as someone with a acre lot.

  • For City Water/Well Customers: $90 is our base rate for a two zone system and minimum charge to start a backflow
    • Each zone over two is $7 each
    • A checkup of the zones is included in the pricing unless otherwise not requested
      • NOTE: This is a special rate for customers we can service on a regular route, grouped togeather. If we make a special trip to the area for just one customer, a out of route fee may apply.
  • For Lake Pump Customers: $150 is our base rate for a two zone pump system
    • Each zone over two is $7 each.
    • A checkup of the zones is included in the pricing unless otherwise requested
  • If you decline to have any repairs completed while we perform the startup and would later like them repaired at a different time, the standard service call rate will apply depending on your customer status..
    • If you decline to have repairs completed while we are on site, we will send a description of the problems along with our Spring Startup invoice.
    • We charge by the minute for repairs completed while on site which is the hourly rate divided by 60.
  • Any materials will are extra.
  • If your backflow test is due in the next 90 days and you want it done at the same time, an additional charge will apply.
    • CONCORD- your irrigation backflow (unless otherwise notified) is due in either April, May or June. We can tell you which month you are now due in.
    • The price of a Residential Irrigation backflow test is $75, and is extra to the startup cost
    • Kannapolis, Harrisburg, Aqua NC & Union County Utilities- the fee is $90 (instead of $75) due to fees being charged per test by the City.
    • IMPORTANT: If you have Charlotte Water, and would like to receive a copy of the test report, please note that in the comments when you place your request. We now file tests electronically with Charlotte and if you want a copy your valid email must be entered at the time the test is submitted to receive a copy. Once submitted we cannot provide you a copy.
      • We now have the ability in CHARLOTTE only to check the status of your backflow test and when or if it is due (or even past due).

If you have already been started or have already submitted a service request, please do not submit this form.

Please wait a moment if the form is not on the page when it loads, it is still loading in the background and may take a few seconds to appear. If the form does not appear, you can email your request to Irrigator@ReitzelIrrigation.Com. You may also access the form by clicking here.

If you just want to be pressurized and not audited, please note your wishes in the comments field. If you do not want your irrigation checked but just started, then the current minimum charge plus tax will apply.

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