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We are a premier Irrigation Repair & Installation Company. We specialize in Residential and Light Commercial installations, however we have performed installations for many larger projects over the years, we repair systems of all sizes and no repair is too big for us.

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Why Trust your Irrigation System to Reitzel Irrigation

For more than 30 years we have been designing, installing, repairing and maintaining irrigation systems of all sizes across the Carolinas. We have the experience, knowledge and professional team members to design and install irrigation systems to tackle any irrigation project that you can imagine. We're cost efficient, we work quickly, and we will give you the best service around. There is not a job we can't tackle or know someone who can.

We pride ourselves on honesty, we are straight forward and up front with all customers and we don't prescribe to the "flat rate" pricing that many of our competitors do. We charge by the hour plus all materials.

We install “efficient” irrigation systems that will water your yard evenly to achieve proper watering with the least amount of watering time and water usage.

We practice the highest quality installation techniques, and use the highest quality components available.   We do not use off-brand components or inferior quality products like black poly pipe for our system piping. 

We use only high-quality PVC pipe rated to at least 200psi on residential and "Schedule 40" on commercial systems. You will never find a product from the big box stores on our systems. All of our products are purchased locally and most are American Made!

If you are building a new home or landscaping your existing home, we will work seamlessly with your landscaper to ensure a smooth installation process that meets the required schedule and ensures an excellent product. Please note that we do not take all new installations.

Why use us when your system is in need of repairs/service?

Reitzel Irrigation has a reputation for doing the best irrigation services and repair work in the business. We pay attention to the small details, and take great pride in each and every system we install, service and repair. Our goal is to have your system running at peak levels of performance, conservation and efficiency! We install great irrigation systems, why not let us service it too?

Photo of completed repair following damage from fence installation

Leaking heads, this is the #1 cause of wasted water we see on our customers systems. We replace leaking heads when they are wasting water, which also wastes money!

When your irrigation system requires a repair resulting from system aging, accidental damage from digging, freezing pipes, or misuse, our trained technicians can repair your system to restore it to operational condition!

The Winterization of irrigation systems will take place in November and December. We are not like the other guys, in Charlotte our frost line is around 5 inches, the average irrigation line is 11 inches deep. Therefore, we do not offer a "blow out" service like others do. We believe that in our area, this is a waste of money and is unnecessary, we chose not to take money from those whom are unaware. We do however winterize the backflow preventer which is above ground.

The spring startup and system checks are performed in from March to May. Unlike our competitors, we don't simply charge you up front for an hour of service, because some visits for smaller systems don't take an hour if nothing is wrong, and it's not right to charge you for the whole hour and only give you 20 minutes. We base our price per zone, with the first two zones being free. Our per zone audit price includes any adjustments to the heads and minor repairs. If repairs are needed, we charge per minute to perform them plus the cost of materials. We believe this is the most far way to charge for our service, as some customers only have 2 or 3 zones, and some have over 10! Our prices for startup and audit are the same for residential and commercial.

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What is the deal with these new Wifi Irrigation Controllers?

Its happened! The idea of running your irrigation from your smart phone has arrived, it seems you can run just about anything from your iPhone these days.

We primarily use the Hunter Pro-HC model for Wifi Controllers, which features the same basic design and size of the traditional Pro-C controller, as well as a rugged outdoor enclosure. Its all backed up by great software called Hydrawise. After looking at the models available (such as the RainBird and Ranchio), the Hunter model is the best all around model in terms of features and control. Everything is saved in the cloud, so you can access it from any device.

The Hydrawise software also allows us as a contractor to have access to our customers controllers thru our own login and we are able to run the system as you would, which is a big help during services visits as customers don't have to be home so we can access the controller!

Hunter's HC & Pro-HC Controllers are also EPA WaterSense Certified, so they are able to enroll in Charlotte Water's Smart Irrigation Program! Plus they have the ability to integrate with a flow meter which gives detailed flow measurements and alarms in REAL TIME!

For more detailed information on the Hydrawise software, visit, or give us a call.


What do we do to help our customers save water?

Water is a precious and expensive resource for lawn watering. However, technology has advanced in the field of irrigation as well. With the introduction of low water consumption nozzles to matched precipitation to pressure regulating heads and check valves, irrigation has gotten a whole lot more precise and efficient.

Perhaps the most water efficient nozzle on the market today is Hunter's MP Rotator Line. These nozzles aren't your typical spray nozzle and can be adapted to water small to medium areas (and can even retrofit traditional spray nozzles). When pared with Hunter's PRS40 Spray Bodies, they are very efficient and each head on that zone will deliver uniform watering. We recently have evaluated many customers properties and discovered that in some areas, with the use of traditional sprays, they were over-watering close to the heads in order to adequate water the middle, the MP Rotator solves this with each head putting out the exact same amount of water across the entire distance.

Also, Hunter's SolarSync ET Sensor is the best and easiest to use Smart Control System in the business, and guess what, you could get a reducted water rate simply by installing one! The City of Charlotte if your system has 1) a testable backflow, 2) a seperate irrigation only meter, and 3) a smart control system, will "lock in" your water bill at Tier 3, resulting in a signnicant savings. Contact us today if your interested, we can tell you about how much water you will save. PLUS it will automatcailly adjust the system depending on weather conditions.

With the installation of Hunter's SolarSync, MP Rotators, PRS Spray Bodies and Pressure Regulated i20 Rotor Heads, we almost guarantee that you will save money on your water bill! Interested in upgrading your system, give us a call and we can see what we can do to help!

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