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Irrigation Laws in North Carolina

As of June 30, 2009 any Irrigation installation and repairs made to an in ground Irrigation System must be preformed by a licensed Irrigation Contactor in the State of North Carolina.  Any individual performing installation or repairs who is NOT licensed by the state of North Carolina, would face penalties and fines if reported to the board of Irrigation Contractors.

We at Reitzel Irrigation were one of the first contractors to obtain this new license.  Therefore, under the new NC state legislature law, may perform installation and maintenance of in ground irrigation systems.

I am a homeowner, what does this mean to me?

This means that you can rest assured that a professionally trained and certified individual is going to be installing and supporting your irrigation system.

          Chris Reitzel - # 053

North Carolina Irrigation Contractors Licensing Board

This new law also introduced many new requirements that govern how irrigation systems are installed and serviced. As a service to our customers, we have made the most important parts of this law easily assessable so you know what you should be getting from any NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor. These excerpts are taken directly from the Law, which can be found Here.

All automatically controlled irrigation systems must include sensor or other technology designed to inhibit or
interrupt operation of the irrigation system during periods of adequate moisture or rainfall. Rain or moisture shutoff
technology must be installed according to the manufacturer's published recommendations.

History Note: Authority G.S. 89G-5;
Eff. July 1, 2011.

(a) A permanent sticker which contains the irrigation contractor's name, license number, company name and
telephone number, date of completion of the installation and the dates of the warranty period shall be affixed to each
automatic controller installed by an irrigation contractor. The information contained on the sticker must be printed
with waterproof ink.

History Note: Authority G.S. 89G-5;
Eff. July 1, 2011.

(a) Emission devices must be installed to operate at or above the minimum and not above the maximum sprinkler
head pressure as published by the manufacturer for the nozzle and emission device spacing that is used.
(b) Sprinklers shall be set perpendicular to the grade. In turf areas sprinklers shall be set at a height recommended
by the manufacturer. Sprinklers installed on athletic fields shall be equipped with rubber covers on the sprinkler and
the sprinklers shall be installed at or below the grade per the manufacturer's specifications.

History Note: Authority G.S. 89G-5;
Eff. July 1, 2011.
(a) This Rule applies to control wiring of thirty (30) volts or less, or where the installation, construction,
maintenance or repair of devices is exempt from the requirement of licensure as an electrical contractor under G.S.
87-43.1 and 21 NCAC 18B .0805.
(b) Underground electrical wiring used to connect an automatic controller to any electrical component of the
irrigation system must be listed by Underwriters Laboratories as acceptable for burial underground.
(c) Electrical wiring that connects any electrical components of an irrigation system must be sized according to the
manufacturer's recommendation.
(d) Electrical wire splices which are exposed to moisture must be waterproofed using a UL Listed device.
(e) Underground electrical wiring that connects an automatic controller to any electrical component of the irrigation
system must be buried with a minimum of twelve inches of backfill.
(f) The wire connections on the two wire path of two wire control systems shall be made using devices rated for the
higher voltage of the control system.
(g) Multi-strand wire may be used if the material exposed is of rated minimum wire size of 18 AWG for
underground application and if the splicing device used water proofs the outer most casing of the wire.

History Note: Authority G.S. 89G-5;
Eff. July 1, 2011.




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