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Owners Manuals:

RainBird Controllers
Hunter Controllers


RainBird Rotary Nozzles- Adjusting the Radius
Backflow Prevention
RainBird ESP Controllers: Operating Manually
Operating a Hunter Irrigation Controller Manually
RainBird 5004 Series Rotors | Adjusting Arc
Adjusting Throw Distance of RainBird 5004 Head
Adjusting a Hunter PGP Rotary Sprinkler Head
Our Chris Reitzel on WCNC News Channel 36
How an Irrigation System Works
ESP-SMT Smart Control System Promo Video
Irrigation "Plow In" example
Zone of RainBird Spray Heads with Rotary Nozzles

Single RainBird Spray Head with Rotary Nozzle


Irrigation Computer Guidelines
Adjusting RainBird 5000 Series Heads
Irrigation Watering Instructions
New Law Requires Use of Irrigation Meters
To PRS or not PRS
RainBird ESP-SMT Brochure
RainBird Wireless RainSensor Brochure
RainBird Soil Mosture Sensor Brochure
CMUD Smart Irrigation Program Application
Comparison of RainBird PRS and NonPRS Heads
RainBird ESP-SMT WaterSense Certification


Received a Letter from CMUD saying you need to test your backflow?
We can help with that. We are a fully licensed plumber and CMUD Backflow Tester, simply give us a call to get your backflow inspected to insure proper operation. It is a requirement of everyone in Mecklenburg County whom have irrigation connected to a City Meter. It is also a requirement of the Smart Irrigation Program.

Sample CMUD Backflow Testing Letter




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